Thursday, August 23, 2007

Meet My Cat

I would like for you to meet my cat, Mr Fluff. Isn't he beautiful? Fluff is HUGE! I am not sure of his weight right now but it is at least 24 pounds. He is not overweight, he is just a gigantic cat. Also he is a ragdoll, so when I pick him up he is all floppy and actually difficult to manage. Fluff is a stubborn cat as well. He is intensely interested in shoes! He looooves them. Many of my best shoes have "love" scratches on them. No mater what we have tried, we cannot break him of this fascination. I suppose I should buy him his very own pair, maybe that would make him happy. Humm.............?


ltthings said...

Nice blog ! Love your kitty , I also have a "fluffy" but she is very overweight and a shorthaired grey kitty .. nothing fluffy about her , just her personality !!

Vieiragirl said...

Your kitty is so pretty! I am a dog person but I couldnt help myself she is so cute!