Friday, June 15, 2007

Living With Celiac Disease

If you have found this post by googling the word celiac, have heart, there is hope for enjoying food!

When my husband was told twelve years ago that "no" he did not grow out of being a celiac sufferer, the first thing I thought was what will I be able to cook that he can eat? It did look grim at the time.

I searched the health food stores for hours, reading labels, searching for obvious gluten and the hidden gluten. It was, I must say a labor of love, as I wanted my husband to live a healthy life free from the discomfort consuming gluten brought him. I have chosen to keep the same diet and I feel better too!

Now people in the health industry are much better informed about gluten intolerance. Many companies cater to the wheat and gluten sensitive. There are so many good cookbooks that deal with this problem.

I, however, had to develop some of my own cooking strategies as my husband is also intolerant of dairy. Even with all the "experimental" meals my husband never complained. Some were flops, nearly inedible, but I learned, and now even though we choose to eat simple meals they are good, and healthful.

Look for brown rice tortillas from Food for Life if you like Mexican food. That was a life saver for us. Also try a variety of gluten free breads. All those years ago we only had one to choose from and it was not too good. Today there are many. We use the Kinnikinnick White Sandwich Loaf. At
Kinnikinnick they focus all their products on being gluten free. Their products can be found on the Internet and also in some health food stores. Here is their link They also have donuts that are really good.

Be positive! What we always focus on is "Look how many things we can choose from!" not how much we miss the foods we had to leave behind.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Cat Next Door

Here is a pic of our next door neighbor. He looks like a respectable cat from the angle I caught him. In reality, behind the lattice on the right, his cheek has a huge strip of raw flesh. The top of his head is not much better. I will never understand how people can have a pet and not see to their medical needs. He is not neutered and gets into heated fights. He has so much scar tissue on the afore mentioned right side when he meows only the left side of his face moves. I do feed him several days a week to try and keep him going (he is quite thin). I am happy I can do something to comfort him.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Joining the Blogging World

It seems strange for me to start a blog since I never write anything...not even a postcard. But I have really enjoyed reading other peoples blogs, so I thought I would plunge in and join the blogging community.

My banner pic was taken this morning. We have been fortunate this spring to get quite a bit of rain and all the flowers, trees and grass have benefited greatly. The Impatiens (above) have been really lush and full of blooms. I hope we haven't been spoiled, because as summer comes on all things green usually get a bit brown and crispy. Maybe it will be different this year!

My first blog entry...this has been very enjoyable.