Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mother and Child

I took this picture last October of the cat next door with her kitten. There is a picture of the kitten in an earlier post below. I have no idea what the mom's name is, or if she has one. The poor thing is treated like a stray, and I do not know how many litters of kittens she has had since she came to live next door... I would say at least 6 or 7, maybe more. I have no idea where the kittens go when they are weaned. They have never bothered to have her spayed. It really is a sickening feeling to see her being worn out, having litter after litter. She has had two litters since this pictures was taken. Right now she has a single kitten with her, no more that a few days old. I feed her to keep her going and make sure she has what she needs to nurse her kitten.

People need to be responsible and have their pets spayed and neutered so that the cycle of unwanted pets is stopped.

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